Egyptian tortoise


We have some beautiful baby Egyptian tortoises for sale. We also offer the recommended well started Egyptian tortoise for sale as well as yearlings and Juveniles. Egyptian tortoises are the smallest species of tortoise for sale here in the USA and perhaps the world. Of all of the testudo family tortoises, Kleinmann’s tortoise for sale, also known as the Egyptian is the smallest. Did you know that baby Egyptian tortoises only grow to 4″ at full maturity?

Egyptian tortoise for sale have great personalities

These little buggers are so cute but also so outgoing! Unlike some other small species of tortoises, or small tortoise for sale, baby Egyptian tortoise are full of personality!  Sure, a baby Egyptian tortoise is not cheap, but keep in mind, they only lay one egg per clutch, so this drives up the cost.  If you’re able to afford one of these little shelled jewels, they are worth every penny.  Living up to 100 years, some of our breeding colony are over 40 years old and still thriving.

Imagine a new reptile friend that will live up to 100 years, but only grows to 4″ at full maturity! Egyptian tortoises also have some of the best, most outgoing little personality in all of the shelled kingdom! Buy your Egyptian tortoise with confidence from CB. With a real biologist ON SITE, we ship year-round in heated or cooled insulated packages via UPS or FedEx overnight.

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