Powder brown tang for sale


Scientific Name Acanthurus japonicus (powder brown tang fish)
Synonym Acanthurus japonica, Hepatus aliala japonicus
Common Name Powder Brown Tang, Powder Brown Tang for sale, Powder Brown Surgeonfish, Powder Black Surgeon, Japan Surgeonfish, White-nose Surgeonfish, and White-Faced Surgeonfish.
Family Acanthuridae
Origin Western Pacific.
Adult Size 8.5 inches (21 cm)
Social Peaceful except with other Tangs / Surgeonfish
Lifespan 8+ years
Tank Level All levels
Minimum Tank Size 30 to 55 gallons
Diet Herbivore
Breeding Group spawner
Care Moderate to Difficult
pH  8.1–8.6.
Temperature 72–79 degrees Fahrenheit