Razorback Musk Turtle for sale


The razorback musk turtle is one of the more popular species musk turtle kept by hobbyists. Razorback Musk turtles spend almost all their time in the water unlike some other species of freshwater turtles.

Most of the time, you’ll find your Razorback musk turtle walking on the bottom of their aquarium, which isn’t uncommon for any type of freshwater musk turtle.  While still small, razorbacks are the largest of the mud turtle species.

RazorBack Musk Turtle for sale – Food

Always be sure to pay close attention to proper feeding.  Feeding a razorback turtle for sale is similar to feeding other musk turtles. Amphibians, carrion, mollusks, aquatic worms, marine crustaceans, and aquatic insects make up most of the razorback musk turlte diet in the wild. They also may consume other things like nuts, grains, and even seeds from time to time. Older, larger or adult razorback musk turtles will even eat clams and other mollusks by choice.  Razorback musk turtles will eat commercially made turtle food such as Reptomin Aquatic Turtle Diet,  bloodworm cubes, snails, roaches, crickets, mealworms, and even the occasional earthworm.

All Razorback turtles for sale come with our full health guarantee!

Shop with confidence that CB reptile has some of the nicest captive-bred baby and adult Razorback musk turtles for sale in the USA.  Like all of our captive-bred turtles for sale, our Razorback musk turtles for sale ship overnight via UPS or FedEx and arrive the following morning.  We ship year-round in heated or cooled insulated containers.  Like every other reptile for sale here at CB, our Musk turtles for sale come with our live arrival and 7-day health guarantee.

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