Williams Blue Cave Gecko for sale

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Williams Blue Cave Gecko for sale
(Lygodactylus williamsi for sale)

Electric Blue Cave geckos may be the most colorful lizard in the world, besides maybe Panther Chameleons for sale.  Male Electric Blue Cave Geckos, also known as the electric blue day gecko for sale are a vivid blue with the underside from the neck to tail as a bright orange. Female Electric Blue Cave Gecko for sale have colors in shades of olive, green and copper with blue overtones. Their stomach is a cream to a very pale orange color. Males have a solid to striped black throat that can puff in display. The female electric blue day gecko’s throat is never completely solid black.

From hatchling size until sexual maturity, both the male and female juvenile electric blue day gecko for sale look like adult females, only smaller. At sexual maturity, females remain the same color. Males develop one of two ways. Those male blue cae geckos for sale kept solo, and males that are dominant personalities, develop brilliant blue colors. Males who are not dominant will not develop blue colors. Instead, these submissive males look just like females and are identifiable only by locating femoral pores.
It is easy to see why this glowing gecko was termed “electrifying.

When considering an electric blue day gecko for sale, be sure to only purchase captive bred baby williams blue cave geckos for sale from an experienced blue day gecko breeder.

At CBReptile.com all of our reptiles for sale, including our geckos for sale are captive bred and NOT wild caught.  We have a Biologist ON SITE and offer a Live arrival and FULL 7 day health guarantee on ALL Of our animals.  Our guarantee extends to 30 days for all customers who purchase full habitat kits.  All of our orders ship via UPS or FedEx Overnight in heated or cooled, insulated containers (when needed) and leave our facility at 6:45PM and are on your doorstep the following morning before noon. One Shipping charge of $39.95 covers up to 5 reptiles for sale online.  Check out our other geckos for sale including crested gecko for salegargoyle gecko for sale, and a wide variety of baby leopard geckos including some rare leopard gecko for sale inventory.

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